A Moving Journal: Ongoing Expressions of Authentic Movement



Vol 1.1 Spring 1994
Spring 1994: Peer Groups. Diana Levy, Valerie Angeloro, Lynn Garland; Diana Jackson on Art and Body Awareness

Vol 1.2 Summer 1994
Summer 1994: Interview with Julie Leavitt, "Moving the Sacred Body"; Aileen Crow, Jaime Stover Schmitt, and Germaine Fraser on Witnessing.

Vol 1.3 Fall 1994
Fall 1994: Neala Haze, Tina Stromsted, Hollister Landel on the opening of the Authentic Movement Institute (Part I); Wendy Weinburd on Birth and Witnessing; Linda Ugelow on Sacred Endings, Ruth Winifred Dahlke on Wanting to See and Be Seen.

Vol 2.1 Spring 1995
Spring 1995: Joan Chodorow, Nisha Zenoff, Janet Adler on the opening of the Authentic Movement Institute (Part II); Soraia Jorge on Weaving New Cloth; Daphne Lowell on Recuperation.

Vol 2.2 Summer 1995
Summer 1995: Interview with Zoe Avstreih, "Soul Work", Daphne Lowell reports on a Facilitators Gathering , writings by Carolyn Sadeh, Andrew Gaines, Lou Ann Baylock, Lisa Mott, Corlene van Sluizer.

Vol 2.3 Fall-Winter 1995
Fall-Winter 1995: Interview with Edith Sullwold, "A Dancing Spirit"; Andrea Olsen on Authentic Movement as Research, writings by Alton Wasson, Carolyn Sadeh, Heidi Ehrenreich; art and poetry by Susan Schell.