A Moving Journal: Ongoing Expressions of Authentic Movement



Spring 1996: Interview with Penny Lewis, "Authentic Sound Movement Drama", Lynn Uretsky on Language, Germaine Fraser on Dreams, Peter Honchuark.

Summer 1996: Focus on Books. Interview with editor Patrizia Pallaro by Soraia Jorge; Mary Ramsay "inter-reviews" Joan Chodorow's book, "Dance Therapy and Depth Psychology"; Joan Chodorow on The Moving Imagination, Connie Frey on creating an AM bibliography.

Fall-Winter 1996: Sexuality and Relationship. Aileen Crow and Jaime Stover Schmitt dialogue on Sexuality, God, and the Shadow; Bettina Seidl on Authentic Movement as Relationship Practice, writings by Joan Webb, Elizabeth Windrover, Wendy Goulston.

Spring 1997: Interview with Kathlyn Hendricks, "Reflections on Mary Starks Whitehouse" by Christine Caldwell; Heidi Ehrenreich, Germaine Fraser, and Ruth Winifred Dahlke on a second gathering of facilitators

Summer 1997: Education and Training. AMJ survey results of AM trainers on education and training issues; Interview with Daphne Lowell, Mary Ramsay and Alton Wasson on Contemplative Dance

Fall-Winter 1997: The European Society for Authentic Movement: founding member's statement, first meeting report, letter from Academic Council members; Janet Adler on Teaching the Discipline; continuing results of AMJ survey of AM trainers on education and training.