A Moving Journal: Ongoing Expressions of Authentic Movement



Spring 1998: Re-inhabiting the Female Body by Tina Stromsted; writings by Michael Gardos Reid, Vivien Marcow Speiser; poetry by Lynore Banchoff, Kacey Carmichael, Moira K. Boyd.

Summer 1998: Performance. Interview with Judith Koltai by Connie Frey. Paula Sager reviews "Gravity Twins" and interviews Cathy Weis. Aileen Crow on Dream Figures. Meg Cottam and Bill Botzow: site specific performance installations.

Fall-Winter 1998: The Collective. Interview with Janet Adler by Annie Geissinger; Sox Sperry and Lisa Tsetse on Authentic Movement as Nonviolent Community Action; Carolyn Sadeh on Home and the Marketplace.

Spring 1999: Men Speak. Interview with Andrew Gaines and Bill McCully; David Mars on Where are the Men? Alton Wasson on What Kind of Work is This for a Man to Do? Sharings by men on doing AM with men; poetry.

Summer 1999: Nature. Marcia Plevin on Authentic Movement and Quantum Mechanics; Paula Sager on Eyes of Trees; Jaime Stover Schmitt on Moving with Tree; Andrea Olsen on Authentic Movement and the Environment; poems and letters.

Fall-Winter 1999: Parenting. Interview with Larry Miller on babies; writings on parenting by Paula Sager, Lizbeth Hamlin-Haims, E. Connor Kelly, Joan Webb; artwork by Diana Jackson; letters and poems.