A Moving Journal: Ongoing Expressions of Authentic Movement



Spring 2000: Dreams. Writings by Zoe Avstreih, Heidi Ehrenreich, Aileen Crow; Holly Ewald on Art, Teaching, and Dreams; poetry by Lizbeth Hamlin-Haims, Rick Brostoff, Patricia Kuusisto.

Summer 2000: Authentic Movement: A Safe Place for Group Movement Therapy by Anne Hebert Smith; writings by Jeanne Castle, Bettina Seidl; questions from readers; poems by Eric Huther and Paula Sager.

Fall-Winter 2000: Authentic Movement across cultures. Writings by Anna Witholt, Marcia Plevin, Annie Geissinger, Michael Gardos Reid, Janet Adler; poems by Finn O'Gorman, Matt Meyers, Noa Ben Amotz.

Spring 2001: Out in the World.Theatre of the Unconscious by Joan Davis; writings by Barry Marshall and Paula Sager, Germaine Fraser; poems by Bruce McCarter, Bonnie Morrissey. 

Summer 2001: Acts of Creation by Susan Schell; interview with Aileen Crow by Germaine Fraser and Deborah Sherman; Authentic Movement My Way by Aileen Crow; poems by Wendy Weinburd and Audrey Cooper.

Fall-Winter 2001: Responses to events of September 11, 2001 by 35 movers from all over the world