A Moving Journal: Ongoing Expressions of Authentic Movement



Spring 2004: Art. Artists and Movers by Mimi Dejanikus and Diana Jackson; The Embodiment of Ancient Story by Diana Jackson; Dream Vessels: The Art of Marsha Connell; Moving from Disability to Endless Possibility: The Life of Charleen Berels; My Art by Crow; Movement and Mind: Penny Lewis 1946 - 2003 by Anne Brownell.

Summer 2004: Astonishing: Musings of a Word Keeper by Kathee Miller; Weaving Words: Voices from Green Gulch; Intuitive Life Movement: an interview with Shelley Tanenbaum; Movement Finds a Mover by Addi Brooks.

Fall-Winter 2004: Moving with the Journal: A Celebration of Ten Years of Publication; Honoring Neal Haze by Tina Stromsted and others; Reflections on the Authentic Movement Institute by Tina Stromsted; Book Review: Body and Earth, an Experiential Guide by Andrea Olsen.

Spring 2005: Authentic Movement and Laban Movement Analysis, an interview with Peggy Hackney; We Are All One by Stu Breisch; The Divine Within by Soo Young Lee; A Ceremony by Larry Butler; The Movements of Desire by Carolyn Hauck; Sometimes by Carol Verner; Out of the Studio.

Summer 2005: Religious Practice. Enhancing the Grace: An interview with Alton Wasson by Annie Geissinger; Authentic Movement and Buddhism by Zoe Avstreih; Breathing in the Field by Marcia Plevin; Gateway to the Sacred by Caroline Leibman; A New Body, poem by Kathee Miller.

Fall-Winter 2005: Sense of Place: an interview with Andrea Olsen by Susan Schell; I See You Tree by Shakti Andrea Smith; Canyon Scenes by Tom Webb; Nature and Contemplative Dance by Alton Wasson; Finding the Bone in the Wind by Susan Bauer.

Spring 2006: Healing. Into the Fire by Marlene O'Connor; Authentic Movement and Embodied Consciousness by Bonnie Morrissey; Psolodrama by Joel Gluck; Magically Human by Fiona Brandon.

Summer 2006: A Fallow Field, interview of Annie Geissinger, Paula Sager, and Joan Webb, by Mary Ramsay; Authentic Contact in Brazil by Soraya Jorge; These Dances Rise Up, an interview with Eva Karczag by Aileen Crow and Paula Sager; Authentic Movement, Homeopathy, and Healing, an interview with Alison Buck by Annie Geissinger.