A Moving Journal: Ongoing Expressions of Authentic Movement



Spring 2002: Teacher, Leader, Mediator, by Mary Starks Whitehouse; writings by Paula Sager and Lizbeth Hamlin-Haims, Sox Sperry, Mieke Kohl, David Mars, Jeanne Bassis, Benna Kolinsky; poems by Marja Cantell, Judy Funderburk, Elisabeth Dearborn, Karen Pando-Mars, Sandy Muniz Lieberman, Emma Linderman, Jan Sandman, Laura Hays, Janet Beth Brodie, Bonnie Morrissey, Lisa Tsetse.

Summer 2002: Therapy. Against the Wall/Her Beating Heart by Barbara Holifield; Balancing Opposites by Alison J. Buck; Haiku by Peter Norlin; Haiku Charting by Michael Gardos Reid and Jenny Moore; Interfera by Aileen Crow; Coming Home by Zoe Avstreih.

Fall-Winter 2002: Sound. Conversation about Sound with Aileen Crow, Heidi Ehrenreich, Suson Schell, and Carol Zahner; Sensory Channels and Authentic Movement by Aileen Crow; Different Voices: Perspectives on Sound by Aileen Crow, Beate Becker, Dan Bergman, Sue Trueman, Riki Alexander, Anne Kraus, Lou Ann Baylock, Jaime Stover Schmitt, Nancy Zendora, and Judith Isaacs; Listening to Sound by Paula Sager; The Playground of Saah-ooo-nd!! by Mieke Kohl.

Spring 2003: Self and Other, The Practice of the Community Long Circle by Sox Sperry and Lisa Tsetse; From Autism to the Discipline of Authentic Movement by Janet Adler; The Racetrack is a Circle by Rebecca VerNooy; Book Review: Every Woman's Yogaby Jaime Stover Schmitt; poems by Doris Martin, Jean Seibel, Lauris Phillips, Michael Gardos Reid, and Lynn Asch.
Vol 10.1 missing pages

Summer 2003: The Fool. Journey of the Fool: interview of Kathy Bernstein by Paula Sager; The Black Egg by Carolyn Sadeh; To Fool or Not to Fool by Michael Gardos Reid and Lovice Weller; Trickster as Redeemer by Jaime Stover Schmitt; The Fool of Hearts by Susan Schell; poems by Carl Rudman, Susan Schell, and Carol Fields.

Fall-Winter 2003: Transforming Shame by Carol Zahner, Responses to Janet Adler's book, Offering from the Conscious Body; Authentic Movement and Science by Eilla Goldhahn; The Gift of the Deer by Lovice Weller; Moving with the Journal.